In Valdés y Cía Ltda. Associate Consultants we have an experienced professional group, Engineers, Auditors, Human Resource Managers, Labor Psychologists and Lawyers, who try to mantain our ability to accept the market requirements. Our team's wide experience gained in public as well as private companies, national and multinational, allows us to guarantee the knowledge and experience exchange which are key to our clients' growing and modernization processes.

Auditing and Taxations
The leader of this area is Fernando Valdés Romero: Founder partner of Valdés y Cía. Accountant Auditor and Taxation Expert, with an 18 - year experience in public as well as the private enterprise. He has been part of different subject consulting and reporting related to taxation. Seminary Reporter and University Professor.

Human Resources
Leadership in this area , is in charge of Carlos Valdes Romero, business
engineer, degreed in business administration and international trade, MBA
graduated , he has got 8 years experienced in trademarks and prestigious
financial institutions operations . He has developed evaluation programs in
many different companies.