Our task is to find "THE" best and most appropriate professional who can bring the expected success to your Organization.
In a globalized market with an increasing competitiveness and constant changes that organizations confront because of technology, publicity, market strategies and product development, the human resource is unquestionably the distinguishing and most important factor in a company.

Considering this and the speed imposed by the new economy in the labor market, the human resource must be more active and take in more functions. Therefore, it is needed a greater understanding of the business, greater action speed, leadership quality and a great ability to learn. Our organization offers a quick and efficient solution to the staff recruitment and selection process.


The staff searching, recruitment and selection process is very long. It requires resources and a careful and detailed handling. From a wide variety of candidates whose background might seem appropriate, only some of them meet the required education, professional abilities and habits, personality and other specific factors such as personal style, values and way of working. In order to help our clients to get the expected success, we offer our effectiveness in productivity and competitiveness as an integral alternative for their staff recruitment and selection processes that takes in all levels and areas.

Each selection process we carry out begins with a thorough study of the needs. This allows us to elaborate an appropriate profile and find the best executive, professional, technician and administrative staff available in the market. We guarantee an excellent result.
In Valdés y Compañía Associate Consultants our best characteristic is to provide helpful solutions and quick responses according to your specific needs.


Through an interview with the person in charge of the corresponding division we obtain the information about the position and its place in the organization, abilities, educational level, experience, specialization and the company's characteristics; the fixed and variable compensation level is used to elaborate the position profile. Then we will appoint a consultant, who will provide a personalized service according to your requirements.

The candidates selected by our consultant are recruited through our data base, which is always being updated with information from prestigious companies, universities and colleges with academic excellence, diagrams in publications (press and Internet), contact network and references.

All that from a perspective of leadership conditions, problem solution, team work and work rhythm ability, communication methods, objective establishing and success obtaining ability; In general, the integrated ability of contributing in an eventual future position.

Within an appropriate period of time, we will present to you the selected candidates who will be suitable and will meet the requirements. There will be three or a limited number of candidates and we will detail their experience, knowledge, abilities and competitiveness, salary expectations and motivations.

If it is necessary we will provide a complete psychological report about each candidate.
It is important to determine that all the information about our clients, candidates and processes which are not accepted is strictly confidential.